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Your choice is the most powerful tool you have. It single-handedly determines the course that your life will take in any given moment. You can choose to let life’s tough moments get the best of you, or you can choose to stare them in the face and remind yourself, “I can make anything I want to out of this”. When we choose faith, perseverance, and possibility over fear, victimization, and anger, we win. Every. Single. Time. Facing your fear head-on takes away all of its perceived power over you and allows you to live life on your own terms. Knowing that, what do you choose? http://www.jillianarenacyi.com #choosefaithoverfear #bebiggerthanyourfear


Sometimes along the road, we, unfortunately, may lose a little faith in ourselves. Maybe things aren’t working out how we had planned or we aren’t meeting our goals and aspirations as quickly as we had anticipated. It’s these moments where we need to look for others to lift us up and help us remember how amazing we are. No matter what you are feeling inside, there is somebody out there who believes in you and can help to remind you just how amazing and capable you are. http://www.jillianarenacyi.com #believeinyourself #findyourpeople #ittakesatribe #stickwithit


Although you are certainly capable of being as strong, grounded, and graceful as a tree, the thing that sets you apart is your ability to get up and move on. The situations that shape your life can’t change themselves. They will require a whole lot of love, faith, patience, diligence, openness, and effort on your part, but if you give it your all, the Universe has no choice but to respond. Take a step…ANY step in a different direction starting TODAY. You truly DO have the power to create a more positive, joyful, and fulfilling reality for yourself in any given moment. If you need some help taking that first step, call me at 561-951-7045 for a free consultation or visit me at http://www.jillianarenacyi.com #getupandmove #changeyourreality #itjusttakesyou #createyourjoy #lifecoaching


The fact is, we can’t always control what happens in our lives, but we can certainly control how we react to it. Today, commit to choosing a sense of humor over a sense of victimization. Try to find the silver lining, even (especially) when the shit really hits the fan! Our ability to roll with the punches is directly related to the amount of joy we are experiencing. Throw down the oars and enjoy the ride! http://www.jillianarenacyi.com #perceptioniseverything #findthejoy #laughitoff #gowiththeflow #lifecoaching


Motivation is a daily PRACTICE!  It’s about drawing inspiration from those around you and the incredible things that they are accomplishing.  It’s about staying connected to books, teachers, and subjects that make you want to get out of bed and scream, “Today is the day!  And even if it isn’t, it’s still going to be an amazing day that brings me ONE STEP CLOSER to my eventual goal!”  It’s not about getting it right every, single time or never making mistakes.  It IS about discovering your dreams and going for them, over and over and over again until you achieve your desired results. If you need some help finding your motivation and sticking to your goals, visit my website at http://www.jillianarenacyi.com #staymotivated #aimhigh #happiness #lifecoaching


When we hesitate to make a move, it is the same as telling the Universe we aren’t ready to own our greatness. Don’t let fear or disbelief or apprehension get the better of you. Take one small step TODAY towards your goals. Do the same tomorrow and the next day and the next. Before you know it, you will be living the life of your dreams. Need help setting the steps to make your goals tangible? Call me today for a free consultation at 561-951-7045 or visit http://www.jillianarenacyi.com Gear up to make 2018 your best year yet! #makeamove #letgoofyourfear #ownyourgreatness #happiness #makelifebetter #takethefirststep #lifecoaching

The Importance of Boundaries

boundaries-2I have spent the majority of my life feeling like it was my job to help everybody and fix their problems, even if at my own expense.  This characteristic has not only gained me many interesting, if not sarcastic, nicknames over the years, but also several wounded wild birds, a beakless parakeet named Shaq, a one-eyed cat, a hedgehog, a cross-eyed kitten, an abandoned iguana and the somewhat adorable need to peel acorns for the squirrels as a small child.

As I grew up, these tendencies followed me into most of my friendships and relationships.  I refused to see peoples negativity, and instead always chose to focus on the good things hidden deep underneath of the surface.  I felt, in many ways, that it was a gift that I had been given, and wore my compassion proudly, like a badge of honor.  Although there is certainly nothing wrong with compassion, what I failed to realize in my youth, is that without my own boundaries in place, I was much more likely to end up hurt and confused without a clear understanding why.

Brene Brown said that “Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.”  Over the past few years, I have done a lot of deep digging, not only to extricate the source of this need to save everybody but also to start to find healthier ways that I could use this gift of compassion to benefit others without beating myself up in the process.  As I have looked back through the scenarios mentioned in the first paragraphs, I began to notice that in many of these instances, my compassion backfired.  The birds would inevitably fly out of their shoebox nests in the middle of the night and scare the crap out of me, causing a whole-house effort to catch them and re-release them into the wild.  The parakeet constantly bit at me with it’s half-beak as I tried to convince it to climb on my hand, the one-eyed cat hated me, the hedgehog was terrified of me, the iguana tore my screened-in patio without remorse (and with no intention of paying for it when my lease ended) and the squirrels were probably bored as all Hell all throughout the winter due to my odd compulsion.  I began to realize that:

  • The need to save everybody/thing (without them asking) began from a place of selfishness.  By saving others, I was able to make myself feel better.
  • 99% of the time, I was putting in my two cents where it wasn’t necessarily solicited.
  • By being irrevocably there for others, no matter how many times or in what ways they hurt me, I was actually hurting us both by supporting their negative behavior and therefore, discouraging their growth.
  • That there are other, more positive ways to be present for people (and animals) through their times of struggles.
  • By giving my energy away to those who would rather do without it, I wasn’t saving any of that love and compassion for those around me who really did want it.

I set off to find balance, and I am just now at a place where I feel like it’s starting to settle in.  Of course, I want to remain open and compassionate to others who need it, but I have also begun to put boundaries into place that are unshakeable.  I’m realizing that to be supportive does not mean dealing with other people’s abuse or negativity.   It means living from a place of good intention and teaching others to shine out the brightness that they have within them…IF they want to be taught.

I have made a few very hard decisions in the past months, some of which, unfortunately, have caused me to close the door on relationships that have proven to be toxic to me in this moment, with the promise that if/when they choose to get healthy in their own boundaries, I will gladly reconvene.  I feel freer, lighter and more alive, not being weighed down by the energy of trying to save somebody who doesn’t want to save him/herself.  I think there is a misguided, yet well-intentioned belief in Spirituality (of all faiths) that in order to be “good” you must be a doormat, but that is not true.  You do good by teaching the weak to be strong, by teaching the sad to find their happiness, by teaching the poor to focus on all the things they have to feel rich about and yes, by searching for the good in everybody, even when they can’t see it for themselves.  The best way you can do that is to be a living example of strength, happiness, richness, and kindness and by putting up boundaries that teach other people how to treat you, with the unspoken understanding that they can teach others how to treat them as well.  It doesn’t mean that we have to turn our backs on people the first time they hurt us, but it does mean having open and honest conversations about how we are feeling when we have been hurt to avoid the same thing happening throughout the course of our relationships.

Just like everything else, our boundaries or lack thereof are a byproduct of the beliefs we have picked up along the way and what we have come to “know” about ourselves and our roles.  This doesn’t mean you are destined to be the doormat forever.  It means that right now, in this very moment, you are being given an opportunity to create healthier and happier boundaries within your existing relationships.  Start teaching others how to treat you now, and you may be surprised to find that you begin to attract much more positivity, love, joy, and honesty into your life.  Cheers to that!

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