Questioning Your Discomfort

comfort zone

I was reading a book the other day that, while extremely interesting, left me feeling unsettled.  After a few chapters, I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore.  I closed the book and decided to busy myself with something else, but this nagging feeling kept coming back to me that I needed to figure out why this was bothering me so much.  Reluctantly, I decided that I would sit in a quiet meditation and try to figure out what it was that was causing me so much aggravation, and…

What I found out actually surprised me very much!

I consider myself to be extremely open-minded, particularly when it comes to the area of spirituality.  I firmly believe that each of us is fully entitled to their own belief system and that the fundamental message of each form of spirituality is the same one of love and gratitude.  So, imagine my shock when I realized that the reason I was feeling so much discomfort at what I was reading is that it was making me seriously question parts of the spiritual belief system that I have held so long to be true for myself.  At first, this realization only made the discomfort grow stronger, and that nagging urge to go busy myself with other things returned.  I didn’t give in, however.  Instead, I made the resolution to sit with it until I could get a good, hard look at it and figure out why it was so powerful in swaying my mood in the first place.

The longer I sat, the more I began to understand that the discomfort I was experiencing was actually that of


The things that I had been reading were making me open my mind to some potential truths that I hadn’t yet considered.  So, here I was, at a pivotal moment where I got to choose the next step.  I could shut down this expansion and choose to crawl back into the box of my comfort zone mentality, or I could choose to learn to be okay with the discomfort and look at this new information objectively.  As you can likely imagine, I chose the latter, and I found that almost instantly, the discomfort lost its power over me.

So, what does this mean?

Well, discomfort is a natural part of the ebb and flow of life.  We come up against it in any moment where our thoughts, beliefs, actions, or survival feel sufficiently challenged enough to make us question our way of being.  These are POWERFUL moments that can teach us amazing things about ourselves and about the truths of the Universe, God, Almighty, Consciousness, Divine Energy, or whatever else you might like to refer to your Source as.  The name is not important, but the teaching is!  Each place where we experience discomfort is an opportunity to hold a mirror in front of ourselves and to see what we have been allowing ourselves to remain blind to.  This doesn’t just pertain to the area of spirituality either.  This moment can occur in any situation.  The fact across the board remains that if something doesn’t hold some element of truth for you, it’s not going to elicit an uncomfortable reaction.  Why is that?

Because it doesn’t challenge what you believe to be true and is, therefore, of no threat or consequence.

If I came to you and told you that the sky was yellow, you likely wouldn’t feel any discomfort at that statement because you have a scientific understanding of why the sky is blue.  The facts that you have been offered support your idea of the truth.  If, however, I came to you and offered scientific evidence that the sky was yellow and that scientific evidence resonated with you and made sense on some level, you may begin to feel a stirring of discomfort in your soul.  Where is that stirring coming from?  These new facts have created an element of possibility that did not exist prior, and that makes us, as creatures of routine, extremely squeamish.  For the record, I have no such evidence, but it is a valid example of how we trick ourselves from knowing and understanding the truth.  The full truth is locked within our psyches and our souls, and moments of discomfort are like a finger poking at them and asking them to reveal themselves.

So, what’s the takeaway here?

The next time you find yourself squirming with that notion of extreme discomfort, get curious about it.  Rather than busy yourself to try to distract from it, take a moment to get quiet, sit with it, and figure out where it’s really coming from.  What does this new idea (or ideas) cause you to question about your current belief system?  What are the ramifications for you if this new information is actually true?  How does it change your perspective on the way things are?  You will likely find that there is plenty of room to entertain the possibility of a new truth and allow it to strengthen your foundation as opposed to crumbling it.  With this greater awareness of your personal truth, who knows what you might create?  If your fear and discomfort persist, click here for a little Jedi mind trick that will help you turn it around!  Happy hunting!


Jillian Arena is a Certified Transitional Life Coach, RYT-200, and Reiki Practitioner.  She uses her training in each to help her clients around the globe achieve maximum clarity, happiness, and possibility out of life!  For more on working with Jillian, visit her website HERE.

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