It’s an epidemic and I hope that EVERYBODY catches it! Sometimes it’s easy to forget how amazing we are. We get stuck in comparing ourselves to others and looking at their lives through the lens they give us on social media. The fact is, nobody’s life is perfect and nobody’s life is better than yours because they are not YOU. YOU were put here for a very special purpose, with a personality and skill set that is unique to YOU! YOU are awesome because of this purpose and uniqueness, even if you aren’t quite sure yet what it is. Start to see within yourself what so many others see in you. Focus on what makes you great, strong, happy, different, and AWESOME and let all of your doubt diminish. It doesn’t make you cocky or arrogant or selfish to love yourself…it makes you a shining example to others who can’t quite find a way to love themselves yet. You can’t give to the world what you don’t realize you have, so take some time to start to realize it. If you need help unearthing these unique traits and talents that make you the brilliant, amazing soul that you are, call me for a free consultation at 561-951-7045 or visit my website at http://www.jillianarenacyi.com #youareawesome #ownyourgreatness #loveyourself #shineout #lifecoaching

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